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Company Name:wenzhou zhongqiang optoelectronic technology co.,ltd.
Phone:0577-68666388 13806820163
Address:Longgang Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 548 West First Street
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Wenzhou Coretronic Ltd.

Tel :0577 -68,666,388 4,006,885,002

Fax 577 -64225579

Project Manager: 13806820163 (Mr. Lin) 13567707058 (Ms. Yuan)
              18858720085 (Mr. Wu)
              Qq: 248688005 228676213 2390968506
                  1147285623 1178298998


Business office: Longgang Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 548 West First Street
Factory Add: Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Industrial Park A6Instrument State Building, No. 13-14, after
Website: http://www.wzzqledcom

Shanghai Office: Baoshan District of Shanghai Fu Fu Road, a total of 377 Village Lane, No. 18 (a total of four villages rich)
Phone: 400688500213

Wenzhou Office: Ouhai Wutian Avenue intersection in Sanyang
Telephone: 4006885002 13567707058

Suzhou Office: Xiangcheng Li Chien-Yuan Road 55 after oral
Phone: 4006885002138

Ningbo Office:
Phone: 4006885002135

All countries have had engineering, consulting the national toll-free:

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Phone:0577-68666388 13806820163 Fax:13806820163
Address:Longgang Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 548 West First Street