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    Product Name:3.75 Single red LED display indoor
    Product Code:1015

    Single-colorLED displayindoorφ3.75technical parameters

    Product code44321/1R
    Number ofsingle-colorcolor
    Pixelφ3.75, 1R
    4.75mmpixelcenter distance
    Pixelresolution of44321points / m2
    Unitboardsize64× 32points, 306mm × 153mm;
    8 × 8modulepackage
    Surface mountdevicedriver
    Gray level256
    Display colorred
    Bestviewingdistance of3 m-50m
    Horizontal angle of view1600
    Maximum Power400W/m2
    Screen bodyweight20KG/m2
    Screen thickness100mm
    Life of100,000 hours
    Textdisplayis 16*16wordminimum,showclear
    Chinesewordminimum size: 76mm × 76 mm;English: 38mm × 38 mm
    Controlasynchronouscontrol,synchronous control
    Screenfloorinstallation,mosaic,hanging, frametype,support type,strut
    Screensizenumber ofrequirementsdesigned todisplay text,floor spacerequirements
    Applicationsare mainly used inindoor environment,the demandfora closer look,
    Mainlyused to displaytext,icons, etc.
    Standardduration of10 working days

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