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Product Name:P8 outdoor line "triple play" LED full color displ
Product Code:1

Specification PH8
Pixel pitch (mm) 8mm
Pixel 1R1G1B
LED exterior 346
A scanning / 5 constant
Screen Brightness (cd/m2)> 6500cd
Average power (W/m2) 180W
Maximum power (W/m2) 600W
Unit board points (dot) 32 × 16
Unit board size (mm) 256mm × 128mm
Screen density (dots/m2) 15625dots
Viewing distance (m) 5m-150m
Screen Weight (kg/m2) 70kg
LED constant current drive mode
Display Color 17M ~ 69G color
256 brightness level brightness adjustment
Gamma correction 256 ~ 4096
Adjust image contrast, hue adjustment, single module highlighting regulation
Refresh rate of 300 to 2,440 / sec
Frame frequency greater than 60HZ
Display Interface VAG + DVI display card
Display mode 640 × 480,800 × 600,1024 × 768,1280 × 960 ... 1920 × 1200,2048 × 640
LED display control point corresponding to the computer monitor
UTP cable transmission distance ≦ 130M multimode fiber ≦ 500M single-mode fiber ≦ 10KM
Video source ( optional ) TV VCD DVD
Continuous use time > 72 hours
Life of 100,000 hours
MTBF > 10,000 hours
Discrete control points <0.01%
Consecutive control points
Protection class indoor IP60 ~ 65, outdoor IP65
Ambient temperature -35 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Indoor humidity environment they use 10 to 60 percent of 10 to 90% of outdoor

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